ASDHI’s Best Practices

Community Driven Approach to Service delivery

ASDHI employs a community driven approach to the implementation of its projects.

Across all projects that we implement, we have made sure that the community is involved at all stages and processes, right from the planning, to the implementation, and monitoring.



Utilize partnerships to extend services

ASDHI as an organization cannot solely meet the demand for all services required in the fishing and rural communities in its catchment areas.

It is for this reason that continued to solicit useful partnerships with other entities e.g. civil society organizations, government institutions



Empowering vulnerable households

ASDHI activities seeks to empower families to sustainably solve their problems, foster shared problem solving through leveraging on their individual and community resources



Integration of Health Services

Integration of services is key to increase customer satisfaction and demand of health services. This is done at all HIV testing (HTS) outreaches. At HTS outreaches, there is promotion of family planning, condom distribution, linkage to HIV treatment, circumcision among others.



Utilize sports to mobilize communities for HIV services

Our success so far is partly attributed to the innovative strategies that we employ in the implementation of its programs to attract key populations to access social services. We endeavor to use innovative methods that attract the attention and interest of our targeted key populations for instance; we use football to teach the youth about HIV.  Sports produce an avenue for learning about HIV in a positive, energetic and entertaining way.